Amitabha Meditating Buddha Fine Art Statue

Decorate your room, business, home or office with this Hand made and hand painted 'Amitabha Meditating Buddha' resin statue. This 21.5" high statue is elegantly highlighted with silvered details and adorned with glass jewels. This Fine Art statue is for people who are either looking for peace and calm in their lives, or for those who wish to improve their own meditation skills. People will often buy a Meditation Buddha if they want to set up a "serenity room" or a corner of their house where they can sit in calm for a little while and unwind.

In this pose, the Buddha is depicted with both hands in the lap, face up, and the legs are crossed in a Douple Lotus pose. As this statue gen...

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Amitabha Meditating Buddha Fine Art Statue