Frequently Asked Questions

Why is shipping costly?

- To insure the quickest and safest delivery possible, the cost of freight includes Express services directly from our Canadian location to you (Ground services are never utilized)
- The cost of freight is determined on the destination, size, weight and value of your item(s) (value determines insurable amount to be given)
- Items are up to 50% larger and heavier when packaged due to the custom professional protective layering to safely transport your valuables internationally.
- The cost for the shipping of your item(s) is determined by the leading transporter for your specific sector, for which we
- and therefore you
- benefit from the lowest volume discounts available through: UPS, FedEx, Purolator, DHL, etc.
- The cost of your shipment includes full insurance coverage for any/all damages incurred during transit, as well as loss or theft.
- The cost of your shipment includes tracking information which will be provided via your contact email the moment it departs our Canadian facility and is on route to you. SHOULD YOU WISH TO USE YOUR SHIPPING ACCOUNT, PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE COMPLETING YOUR ORDER. WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH THE NECESSARY INFORMATION FOR YOUR COURIER OF YOUR CHOICE TO ISSUE SHIPPING LABELS
- IF YOU WISH TO DO SO AFTER YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED, SIMPLY NOTIFY US WITHIN 48HRS FOR A FULL FREIGHT COST REFUND (EXCLUDING PACKAGING AND LABOR) *Please note that by taking responsibility of your transport and making your own shipping arrangements, RARE-T can no longer be responsible for providing tracking information and/or insurance for possible damage, theft and/or loss incurred during transit.

What is a facsimile?

A facsimile is a Licensed reproduction of the original Hand-Signed piece which is strictly limited to a specific numbered edition worldwide. Therefore each of which is accounted for, individually serialized with a sequential tamperproof holographic seal, and accompanied by its corresponding Certificate of Authenticity attesting as such.
Why the long wait times for custom frames and/or displays?
Unlike standard items requiring 2-7 days for processing, custom items are ‘made to order’ to your exact specifications. Each of the elements you have selected to professionally showcase your piece(s) of choice, must be laboriously hand-crafted, as well as assembled, by skilled artisans to achieve the high standards synonymous with any/all RARE-T signature frames and/or displays. This process is time consuming as our quality control allows for NO mistakes and/or imperfections.
* Projected processing times are stated within each items description

What is the cancellation/restocking fee for?

The moment your order is received, the process of fulfilling it is immediately underway. For this to happen, we must incur unavoidable non-refundable financial and administrative costs which are involved with each transaction and/or each refund - Some of which are incurred before said order is even transmitted to us.

Why did I have to pay extra at customs?

As stated within our on-site Policy section. Given the multitude of varying international rules and regulations - we at RARE-T can sadly not be expected to be fluent in all local laws and bylaws. You as the buyer are responsible for insuring that the product(s) ordered and shipped by us to the country and/or city of your choosing, is/are legal for import. Also, it must be understood that any/all possible duties, brokerage fees, and/or local taxes which might arise from the import of such goods, are dictated by your local authorities and entirely out of our control. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that you perform your due diligence by contacting your local customs agency should you have any questions pertaining to your item(s) of choice.

I received my order and don't like it, what can I do?

Approved returns must be sent back by the client, and the refund minus the 15% restocking fee will be issued upon receipt and inspection of the item. Should the reason of the return be due to a mistake on our behalf and/or manufacturing defect, a return shipping label will be provided free of charge, and no additional fees will be required for a refund in full.

Who does the certification/authentication of signed items?

RARE-T deals with all major internationally recognized authentication firms - Each of which specialized in their respective fields (Sports, Comic Books, Historical, Movies, Television, Music, Gaming, etc) The Authentication firm is stated within the description body of each hand-signed item.
I purchased an item and now it's on sale, can I have the new price?
All promotional discounts are strictly limited time offers, with publicized email notifications stating start, and finish time/date. In accordance with FTC (Federal Trade Commission) consumer Laws and Regulations pertaining to ‘truthful and accurate advertisements, providing disclosures necessary to ensure that an advertisement is not misleading’, we must uphold the conditions set forth within each promotion to maintain fair business practices.