We've sourced and grouped together all kinds of collectibles from comic books, pop culture, tv, movies, sports, vintage toys, vintage signs, barware - you name it, we've most likely got it!


Kind of genius, isn't it? The name says it all - it showcases our entire product line because everything you find here is either one-of-kind, custom made or limited edition numbered items - all RARE-Ts!


It all started when one of the owners wanted to decorate his home office and he just couldn't find everything he was looking for.
Plus, he had all these cool signed posters and vintage toys from his childhood that he wanted to get out of storage and display proudly in his office, but not in a cheesy way - he wanted a super slick "man" office. So he spent weeks finding everything he wanted, and even more weeks putting together all the elements to make frames and displays that showed off all his "man toys".
Fast forward to about a year later, when he met up for lunch with a guy he's worked together in the past in the world of licensing and a few other projects - and they get to talking about the "man office".
"Wouldn't it be cool to have all this stuff in one store?"
The rest is history. RARE-T was born!